Your Child’s Health

Physical health

  • Making sure that you have a medical home
  • Ensuring that your child receives well-child physical exams
  • Using healthy habits to prevent illness
  • Managing illness


  • Making informed decisions about breastfeeding and formula feeding
  • Offering nutritious meals that meet your child’s needs and give him or her energy to learn

Social, emotional, and mental health

  • Helping your child understand and learn to share his or her feelings
  • Helping your child learn to have positive relationships
  • Encouraging your child to explore and learn
  • Learning strategies for parenting in tough times and coping with depression or other difficult feelings
  • Building resilience in yourself and your child

Oral health

Encouraging oral and dental health so children are better able to eat, speak, and focus on learning

Active living

Providing age-appropriate amounts of physical activity in your child’s daily routines to support physical health and positive behaviors

Safety and injury prevention

  • Creating and maintaining safe environments
  • Educating your child on ways to avoid injuries
  • Identifying and reporting suspected child abuse and neglect

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