• Our focus is on the most vulnerable in communities mainly in shanty towns and rural areas.
  • Community based TB/HIV control through trained Community TB Treatment Supporters (Volunteers) – TB and HIV Prevention
  • Running a community clinic offering TB and HIV/AIDS treatment and care
  • Community ART/TB outreach activities
  • A holistic response to support people affected by TB and the TB/HIV co-infected
  • Mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS among vulnerable children and other vulnerable people
  • Advocacy for TB/HIV/AIDS service improvement
  • Training Community human resources to effectively support the programmes
  • Research activities and innovations



All sexes and age groups (Both genders and age groups)


  • 20,000 People with TB signs and symptoms will be referred for testing at public clinic laboratories
  • 1,000 OVC to be supported through Education, health, Nutrition, HIV prevention
  • 5,500 people with TB will be supported through treatment adherence
  • 90% cure and completion rate to be reached
  • 15,200 TB contacts to be traced and possibly 380 to be diagnosed with TB
  • 15,100 TB, Leprosy and HIV Index testing to be conducted
  • 500 local TB Treatment Supporter Volunteers and Health Workers will be trained in TB and Leprosy control
  • 300,000 People reached with TB/HIV health education and will be encouraged to know their HIV status
  • 30,100 referred for HIV Counseling and Testing
  • 1,500 HIV/AIDS clients will be enrolled in ZATULET Community Clinic ART programme

300 Leprosy suspects will be reached


  1. Intensified TB /Leprosy case finding in the communities we serve through house hold screening
  2. Setting up community sputum collection points and other innovations
  3. Community and school HIV Prevention programme through awareness raising, door to door and school HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC)
  4. Clinic VCT – at our community clinic in Lusaka’
  5. Offering TB screening, testing and treatment at our Community Clinic
  6. Offering ART (Antiretroviral treatment ) at our community clinic and community ART Outreach activities
  7. Supporting TB Treatment and ART adherence programme at all the 12 sites
  8. OVC Programming by offering education, nutrition, health, HIV prevention support, therapeutic feeding for the malnourished under five children and offering group homes for girls living alone or living under child headed homes with a house Surrogate mother.
  9. Training Community TB Treatment Supporters, Care Givers and OVC Care Givers
Areas of operation when we had funds and still wish to continue in addition to new ones

No District Location/Site Population Saved Remarks
1 Lusaka Kalingalinga 62,566 Targeting all age groups
2 Lusaka Chainda 44,841 Targeting all age groups
3 Lusaka Bauleni 65,000 Targeting all age groups
4 Mongu Mulambwa 18,043 Targeting all age groups
5 Kabwe Makululu 30,186 Targeting all age groups
6 Kafue Soloboni 41,931 Targeting all age groups
7 Kafue Zambia compound 43,341 Targeting all age groups
8 Chipata Chipata OPD 24,034 Targeting all age groups
9 Chipata Kapata 30,501 Targeting all age groups
10 Chipata Namuseche 22,371 Targeting all age groups
11 Siavonga Micho/Kanyelele 18,698 Targeting all age groups
12 Itezhi -Tezhi Masemu 16,562 Targeting all age groups
13 Monze Manungu 17,111 Targeting all age groups
14 Chipata Mchini 13,398 Targeting all age groups
TOTAL 448,583

Currently most sites are not active due to funding challenges. More sites to be opened as Donors are found to support our other projects such as Leprosy School Projects, TB and HIV/AIDS


  1. Current donors are PEPFAR small grant for HIV prevention Project in Chainda Community
  2. CDC through CIDRZ supporting salaries for few ART staff and other logistics
  3. CHAZ through Global Fund.